Friday, January 11, 2013

Blog Series: WoG, Cesky Krumlov: A note on Emacs

An Emacs aside...

So if you've been following the slides Julian had a slide in his Unix section about Emacs versus Vim and how to use Emacs. Now, we didn't get to it yet and I don't know if we will, but I saw this and thought it would be amusing to those who use Emacs or Vim or other editors...

Of course my husband is a die hard Vim-er. When I told him we'd be learning Emacs, his response over gmail chat was "Vim or death". However, after some chat discussion he acquiesced that I can learn Emacs if I wish, however I am never to speak of it...

For those interested in striking out on their own:

Emacs Tutorial: see Julian's slides and

and so I don't go home to divorce papers sitting on the kitchen table...

Vim Tutorial:
Vim Tips: