Thursday, January 3, 2013

So a funny thing happened on the way to the Czech Republic...

Section X: Nervous flying whilst on OTC sleeping medications, what happens when said flight is delayed.

Indeed your blog post to assist you preparing for the programming highlights of this workshop is coming...but first a slight digression...

The time is now 20 minutes to midnight and I sit at the Dulles airport in Washington DC. In a perfect world I would be 37,000 feet in the air enjoying some slightly questionable airplane food they call 'dinner'. Alas, our airplane door had other plans. In an effort to conduct a formal protest, our airplane door malfunctioned during boarding and we all de-planed while mechanics endeavored to remedy the situation.

Now I am somewhat of a nervous flyer so thinking myself ever so clever a half hour prior to our scheduled departure I took some pills to help me sleep. I was promptly notified, nay, chastized by a fellow passenger as we de-planed that you NEVER take OTC sleeping medication until you've taken off and have level'd off. Duly noted fellow passenger with the blue cap. So now I sit in the terminal, thankfully with free wifi entertaining my insomniatic facebook friends with random postings to keep myself from passing out and inevitably missing my flight as a consequence.

I would dearly regret having to cut this blog short but...but should you notice no further blogs, rest assured that they will start up again when my sleeping pills wear off and I wake up...probably still in the Dulles Airport awaiting my flight, the blue airport rug judging me for being so naive as to take sleeping medication prior to actually being in the air. Go ahead blue Dulles airport rug...judge me, I judge myself a little bit.

What does any of this have to do with the workshop? got me, except I really ought to get there at some point so I can share the wealth of knowledge with you.

Lessons learned:

  1. Murphy's Law states that when you get to the airport earlier than God himself, there will be no lines...anywhere. However, when you are running late with your hair on fire and your head rolling on the ground--you'll inevitably be stuck behind Myrtle in security, the 80 year old biddy who keeps forgetting to take the 3 oz bottle of lotion out of her bag and putting it on the conveyor belt despite being told several times by TSA.
  2. Never take OTC anything until you are in the air and can be assured you won't be shuffled into an alternate dimension by said malfunctioning airplane door and a glass of wine.
  3. Well played malfunctioning door...well played.
  4. Charging stations and free wifi at the airport are golden, cherish them.
Sites to assist you in your preparation for attempting to leave an international airport in D.C.

Back to academics! Programming prep blog to come...assuming my plane takes off at some point and I make it to the Czech Republic. Many safe travels to all workshop attendees who will be entering the cloudy highway to or through Europe soon.

Next Up: Truly....there will be a Preparation--Programming Blog soon...