Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blogs I follow, for those who are now addicted to Science-y blogs...

So it was requested of me to post what blogs I personally follow so I will list them below.

As I said in the first blog for the series in Cesky Krumlov...I most likely will let this blog go dormant until I have something useful to say, but for those of you who would love to get daily musings from other scientists in the field who post of a semi-regular/daily basis let me wett your appetite for what's out there and you can search on your own too.

Normally I subscribe via RSS/Google reader. If you have google reader and there isn't an RSS subscribe button on the blog simply copy/paste the URL into google reader and it'll subscribe to what's posted at the URL.

Happy Reading!

  1. Aetiology: discussing causes, origins, evolution and implications in human disease (Tara Smith)
  2. Avian Flu Diary: infectious disease hobbyist, influenza and disaster preparedness
  3. Xkcd: comic on physics, math, science--pretty much geeky fun.
  4. What If: same guy as xkcd but answers questions using math, science, physics the most awesome geeky way possible.
  5. The tree of Life: Jonathan Eisen's blog about microbes, genomes, omics, UCDavis and the tree of life
  6. BacPathGenomics: genomics and evolution of bacterial pathogens
  7. coastalpathogens: blog about coastal pathogens among other things.
  8. This is NOT Junk: Michael Eisen's blog (equally great) about DNA, evolution, open science, genomes etc.
  9. Daniel Wilson's blog: evolutionary biologist and researcher in genetics
  10. Download the Universe: book reviews that include science books, focused on e-books
  11. DrugMonkey: US biomedical research industry blogger
  12. iMicroBham: Science teaching blog
  13. microBEnet: microbiology of the built environment
  14. Microbiology Bytes: latest news about microbiology
  15. Omics! Omics!A computational biologist's personal views on new technologies & publications on genomics & proteomics and their impact on drug discovery.
  16. Outbreak News: news on outbreaks all over the world
  17. Pathogens: Genes and GenomesA heady mix of bacterial pathogenomics, next-generation sequencing, type-III secretion, bioinformatics and evolution!
  18. PLoS Blogs Network
  19. Rob Dunn: Wildlife of our bodies writer/biologist
  20. Science Professor: life of a science professor
  21. Science-Based Medicine: Issues and controversies between science and medicine
  22. Science Hubb: A blog about interesting science
  24. Seqonomics: economics of personalized medicine from a Sanger Inst. researcher
  25. Small Things Considered: Amer Soc of Micro blog on microbiology, virology and parasites
  26. The febrile muse: portrayal of infectious disease in literature and arts
  27. The medicine show: Forbes blog from Matthew Herper on Science, politics, education etc.
  28. The molecular ecologist: blog on molecular ecology (all organisms)
  29. Twisted Bacteria: science communicator who focuses on actinomycetes
  30. Virology blog: Vincent Racaniello's excellent virology blog and podcasts
  31. What's up doc?: Blog for postgraduate researchers with resources, links and advice
  32. zoonotica: blog that focuses on the viral/pathogen human/animal interface
  33. All creatures great and small: Preaching microbial supremecy: Science teaching blog from professor at primarily undergraduate teaching institution
That ought to get you started...